The porn world is a multi-billion industry, and with the latest technology, the road to success just gets higher and higher. Porn stars are now governed by law, and they now have rights like typical employees. But how much are porn stars making per scene? Is the money worth their reputation?

The money behind the scenes

As lucrative as the porn industry is, even the most popular and in demand porn stars do not earn over half a million in a year. The men porn stars are actually earning less than their female counterparts, and the people behind the scenes are paid even less compared to those in the traditional movie industry. It is the female crowd that earns the highest in pornographic films.

Female porn stars have a rate per scene of around $1,000 when they are with a male porn star. When females are engage in sexual act with a fellow female in a scene, they are paid $700 to $800. For both men and women, the rate increases when they are subjected to do acts that they have not tried before, or something fairly new.

Rate varies

However, the rate of porn stars actually vary depending on their popularity, the agents handling them, and the production house they work for. There are porn houses that pay well above the premium rate, and there are those that pay less than the typical rate. Porn stars who have made a name for themselves earn much more than those who are just starting in the industry. And it is a huge advantage to work for a porn company that is on top of their game, and is consistently ranked higher than their competitors in the business. And of course, it would go a long way if porn stars are willing to engage in adventurous, juicy sexual scenes.