How Free Porn affects the porn industry


The porn industry has lost a lot of money due to the presence of free porn in the market. People would rather wait for a little and get a particular video for free on porntrex than pay for that same video. The extent of this presence is what is pushing some models to do extreme things in the movies, just to get enough money.


With the rise of tube sites in the porn industry, it would be really difficult for people to make money off the industry. These tube sites make free videos available just at the snap of fingers.

Free porn has caused major changes in the porn industry. For instance, there are some major studios that used to be in charge of producing porn, but these studios are no longer available because of the rise of free and self-produced contents on sites such as nudevista, porntrex and many more.

The performers that produced and published their contents have more control over their contents than it used to be before and there is also provision for interactivity.

Very soon, pornography would move on to the next stage where the performer makes their own product and also make them available to the right audience on different sites and a good example is nudevista. This sounds perfect. Better working conditions, for higher income and the ability to decide whether you fully want to go into porn production. Some people claim that the porn produced in the studio nowadays, tend to depict aggressive scenes more.

It would have been better to use numbers to describe the extent to which self-produced porn is taking over the industry, but it is relatively new, so there are not many figures which can be used. Just like it is everywhere, the issues with this style would become known as it grows more popular.

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Though this could mean sexual exploitation because they would be exploiting their personal relationships if they go on to publish the content. Because someone appears in a porn video, does not mean that the person was aware that he would do that or they had the ability to stop what was being done.

To the current porn performers, they would have to ask themselves what is the next step to take? Since they were only pornstars before they lost their jobs, what can they do now? It would be quite difficult for them to get jobs because people would not be willing to employ a pornstar